Code Standards | Isobar

This is an invaluable reference for any web project.

This document contains normative guidelines for web applications built by the Interface Development practice of Isobar North America (previously Molecular). It is to be readily available to anyone who wishes to check the iterative progress of our best practices.

Code Standards | Isobar.

WordPress plug-ins (New!)

10 new WordPress plugins you might want to test

The wonderful community of WordPress developers constantly provides us with interesting new themes and plugins. I have scanned the most recent WordPress plugin releases and came up with a list of 10 plugins definitely worth taking a look at.

Keep in might that these are new releases and so, their stability and status should be considered as BETA. You might want to test them on a backup server before going live. –

Looking for design inspiration on the web?

Suffering from designers block? Need some inspiration for your next project? It’s hard having to come up with new designs and exciting your clients sometimes. Here’s a gallery featuring 27 of the best places to look for inspiring web design, Flash or CSS.

27 Best Places You Should Visit To Get Incredible Web Design Inspiration!

Designing and developing on the go…

screengrab of a color generator iPhone app

screengrab of a color generator iPhone app

Yeah. I love this. iPhone apps for designers & developers. Some of these are great & free to boot, some cost a little bit. There are some awesome tools here that will make life easier for designers, all at your fingertips. Check out ‘What the font’ which allows you to send in a picture of a font from your iPhone to a service that sends back the typeface name. WOW! Now I really want an iPhone. Check out the gallery. There’s to-do lists, source viewers, color scheme generators, FTP apps, everything!

Captivating Winery Websites For Your Inspiration

From the Napa Wineries in California to the vineyards of Australia and France, the beautiful designs of these wine maker’s websites embody the spirit of the vine. Trends for winery websites have been leaning towards a dynamic Flash introduction, animation and beautiful graphics, which would give the best representation of the products.

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