Text Effect PS tutorials (40+)

Some great ones here again. This time from graphicmania.net.

Gallery of tutorials.

The good thing about doing a text based tutorial is that you not only pick up some typography skills but you also pick up special effects you can apply across the board in all your photoshop work. Have Fun!

Great Typography Reference

Hey I found this some time ago and wanted to post it up for my own reference and for my peeps. Let me know of anything Fontalicious or Typographitastical… (Made up words look better in a nice font!)

The Periodic Table of Typefaces: Popular, Influential & Notorious. Link to the actual large file you can zoom in and download it yourself. It’s great!

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Font resources

The Logos of Web 2.0 & Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Websites

You’ve seen the fonts, now you get to learn their names.

Impressive gallery from build internet. Another gallery comprehensive gallery from the font feed.

Other typography resources

Here’s a service where you can upload images to find out what font has been used. From My Fonts.

Here’s a gallery of best under used fonts from FontShop.

Underused is often the best way to stand out in an increasingly crowded and homogeneous design landscape.

Some good ones, some not so good, under used for a reason?

A really great source for typographical inspiration click here. From the folks at idsgn.