Text Effect PS tutorials (40+)

Some great ones here again. This time from graphicmania.net.

Gallery of tutorials.

The good thing about doing a text based tutorial is that you not only pick up some typography skills but you also pick up special effects you can apply across the board in all your photoshop work. Have Fun!

Digital illustration: Tutorials & pointers

The folks at Go Media Zine are great. Loads of free stuff to download and also some great tutorials and helpful hints on all things design related.

I’ve been wanting to find some good tutorials or books on digital illustration processes and practices. I needn’t look any further than here: How to Draw a Classic Hand using a Graphics Tablet.

Also, there is some pointers on setting up your WACOM tablet for awesome results here. Last of all watch this video of a time lapse example of drawing and old world scroll. Great stuff!

Thanks Go Media!