Designing and developing on the go…

screengrab of a color generator iPhone app

screengrab of a color generator iPhone app

Yeah. I love this. iPhone apps for designers & developers. Some of these are great & free to boot, some cost a little bit. There are some awesome tools here that will make life easier for designers, all at your fingertips. Check out ‘What the font’ which allows you to send in a picture of a font from your iPhone to a service that sends back the typeface name. WOW! Now I really want an iPhone. Check out the gallery. There’s to-do lists, source viewers, color scheme generators, FTP apps, everything!

Is there only one internet?

Probably – for now. The internet is a disparate mix of interconnected computers, many of them on large networks run by universities, businesses and so on. What unites this network of networks are the communication languages known as the Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol, collectively TCP/IP.

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