Text Effect PS tutorials (40+)

Some great ones here again. This time from graphicmania.net.

Gallery of tutorials.

The good thing about doing a text based tutorial is that you not only pick up some typography skills but you also pick up special effects you can apply across the board in all your photoshop work. Have Fun!

WordPress plug-ins (New!)

10 new WordPress plugins you might want to test

The wonderful community of WordPress developers constantly provides us with interesting new themes and plugins. I have scanned the most recent WordPress plugin releases and came up with a list of 10 plugins definitely worth taking a look at.

Keep in might that these are new releases and so, their stability and status should be considered as BETA. You might want to test them on a backup server before going live. – blogsessive.com

Efficiency and organization: Online tools and resources for accountancy and time management

15 Online Financial Tools for Freelance Designers

15 online tools and services that can offer freelancers some help in the area of finances and billing. Most of these tools are paid, but limited free plans or free trials are available in most cases.
While paying for this type of tool or software may not sound appealing, the time you will be able to save should more than make up for the cost, not to mention less headaches and increased accuracy.

Looking for design inspiration on the web?

Suffering from designers block? Need some inspiration for your next project? It’s hard having to come up with new designs and exciting your clients sometimes. Here’s a gallery featuring 27 of the best places to look for inspiring web design, Flash or CSS.

27 Best Places You Should Visit To Get Incredible Web Design Inspiration!

Board3r graphics. sk8 or die!

40+ Visually Pleasing Snowboard Designs
85+ Stylish Examples Of Skateboard Designs


Some really great graphics have always been found on skater stuff. Check-out these galleries from Henry at fffffive. Inspiration a plenty.
Enjoy! L8’r Sk8’rz

Oh… Almost forgot. Salamon do a Snowboard artwork comp. Looks like 2008 here. But hopefully they keep it up year after year…

Graphic navigation photoshop tutorials

50 Really High Quality Photoshop Navigation Menu Tutorials

Here are a few, yeah fifty tutorials on creating good looking graphic navigation and slick buttons. Some good ones here. From what I can see these just deal with the graphic side of things and don’t go into the mark-up and code side of things. That’s for another tutorial gallery.